Here We Go! Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Sex Tape

Here we go.  Hold on to your wintry boot straps… the ridiculous rumor mill is getting fired up!  The latest “story” involving Kim Kardashian is one centered on her having to head into rehab because of the whole divorce scandal.  Star magazine is the rag responsible for this one.

‘Kim’s Fairytale Divorce’ – SNL Nails It! BEST Skit of the Night!

Apparently Kim’s family has turned on her and is pissed that she’s ruined their show.  Oh my word.  Really?  Oh.. and there is an alleged sex tape she made with Kris Humphries.  That’s an old hat for her.  I highly doubt one really exists.  They didn’t spend that much time together.  I don’t think Kim could have squeezed in any time for a sex tape to be made.


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