OFFICIAL: Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno Has Been FIRED

Thank God!  When the report came out this morning that Joe Paterno had announced his retirement, that wouldn’t be effective until after the conclusion of this season of football, I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe that the university would allow his to continue on.

Penn State: Joe Paterno Announces Retirement

Well, they aren’t.  Joe Paterno has been FIRED from his head coaching position that he’s been in for 46 years.

PSU President Graham Spanier was allowed to resign.

Sadly, there are a ton of students on campus, throwing a fit and rallying FOR Paterno.  They clearly don’t get the concept that there were children being molested under HIS watch.  He allowed it.  Maybe one day when they are parents, they will get it.

For now, I congratulate Penn State for making the RIGHT choice.  They should have done it sooner.  But they did.  And I am glad.

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