Snooki Launching Debut Perfume on HSN

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Hmmmm.  This one is kinda… well, interesting.  It’s not that I am shocked that Jersey Shore’s Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is launching her own fragrance, it’s that HSN is going to launch it!

Every celebrity seems to do a scent at some point or another, and half of them keep making new ones.  How many do we need?!  They can’t all be that good, can they?

Well, whatever.  Snooki will be launching her self titled scent on HSN on November 10th… so if you want a bottle, tune in!

Snook chatted with In Touch about the whole process:

 “I always wanted to have my own perfume, even when I was little. I’m so grateful and it turned out exactly how I wanted.  I wanted to use assorted woods. The boardwalk is all wood and I wanted to have the Jersey shore in my perfume.  The cotton candy scent is me. And the beach flower scent reminds you of tanning. I love tanning. I was very involved with the making of the bottle and the packaging. I wanted it to be leopard and zebra cause I love animal print, and pink and purple so it would stand out. And I wanted to make it blingy. I wanted to make it different than all the other celebrities and very gaudy and very tacky!  I let my dad sample it and I let Jionni sample it and they loved it. They were like, what’s the new perfume you’re wearing? I’m like, it’s mine! They loved it!.  Jionni thinks it’s very flirty. Everytime I wear it, he’s always cuddling with me. I always douse myself in it just so like, he’s all over me! I think girls are going to feel confident and flirty and pretty when they wear this.”

Well, it’s definitely fun.  As far as the smell.  I have yet to sniff it.  Will you be trying it out?  It goes for $45 and even come with the fab tote (below.)

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