Ouch! Michael Buble HATES Kim Kardashian

Michael Buble is one of the best crooners of our generation and he was sharing his gorgeous pipes at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in Manhattan when he teased his audience saying,

 “Please welcome Kim Kardashian [to the stage].”

He’s NOT a Kim Kardashian fan!  The audience was shocked!  Then he continued,

 “Nah, just f***ing with you! That b*tch isn’t coming on my stage.”

OMG!  talk about displaying in a very public way, your disdain for someone!  Ouch!

Buble wen teven further to dedicate his next song, Feeling Good (Nina Simone) to Kris Humphries!

“She hurt him, she hurt him! I wish she had hurt me!”

Wow…. that one will sting for awhile.  Kim, you better check yourself.

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