PHOTOS: Jennifer Lopez Channels Madonna, Lord Help Us!

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Oh dear.  Jennifer Lopez is channeling her inner Madonna and robbing the cradle.  What’s with these ladies!?  Sure, J. Lo isn’t as old as Madonna, but come on!  She is 42 and allegedly hooking up with one of her 24-year-old backup dancers, Casper Smart.

Why?  Well, she is rebounding from dumping her husband, Marc Anthony.  They aren’t even divorced yet and she’s been making her rounds.  What’s up with that?  He was out showing some Marines a good time, appreciating them for our freedoms and she’s out with the backup dancer boy?  I know it’s alleged so far.  But you know that soon, J. Lo and her boy toy will be prancing around just like Madonna and her little boyfriends.  Sure, Jennifer isn’t nasty like Madonna.  But it’s still making her look really bad.

Bradley Cooper Takes Jennifer Lopez on Romantic Date

I never though I’d have sympathy for Marc Anthony.  The guy bugs me big time.  But now I am suddenly feeling bad for the guy.

What do you guys think?  Is J. Lo the evil one here?

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  1. Lillyvette says

    Dating younger men started before Madonna — think back to Cher. And who cares? Men have been doing it forever and nobody seems to have a problem with it? What’s all the major fuss about? Look out into the REAL WORLD and you’ll see it happening all the time. So open up your eyes, look around and get over it. As for her children, well, I hope she keeps them in mind and at heart as she continues to switch partners as her pattern suggests — regardless of her choice in their age which is no big deal anymore. Really dude…get a life and a REAL story to write about.

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