Maria Bello: ‘Prime Suspect’ Has Been Cancelled

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Yep yep.  Another NBC show has been killed.  Maria Bello is going to be a free agent again.. soon.  Production will come to a screeching halt after the final (13th)episode of Prime Suspect is shot this week.  The holiday break was alrady scheduled after that.  But, there won’t be another episode ordered past that one.

It’s a bummer too.  I have always liked Maria Bello.  Hopefully she finds another show, on another network.  One with a better track record.

Did you watch Prime Suspect?


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  1. Jeannie says

    Well there you have it … finally a decent, tantilizing, on the edge of your sear show and the idiots get rid of it. I suppose we don’t have enough brainless, air-head, intelligent insulting half hour so-called comedies. I looked forward to that show each week. Maria Bello is one of the best actresses we have. Thanks a lot of nothing.

  2. Mhof says

    No wonder NBC is#3. They don’t give a show time to get a following, and don’t advertise it enough or keep it in the same time slot week after week. Put a show up against weaker shows crazy people! Some nights it is all, or nothing on network television!,

  3. Sharon says

    I think it attracted older viewers than the 18-49 bunch. I am female and 50 and kinda liked it. As for her appeal to audiences, I think Maria looked too old. Her wrinkled look made her appear 15 years older than her youthful boyfriend. I don’t object to actors appearing old on television. But from the looks of other successful crime dramas the actors seem to follow the same sex appeal look. They show a lot of skin, a lot of plastic surgery, a lot of makeup and hair dye. Or maybe she just looked too filthy. Maria sometimes looked like she was covered in some sort of oily tan dirt and her hair was a drab color of dirty blonde. I guess they literally wanted her to be gritty. Females cannot succeed in crime drama looking bad. What ever the case, the show did not follow the norm and suffered the consequences.

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