Best Enemies? Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bill Maher – The Battle Continues – VIDEOS

Wow. The feud continues between Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Some are questioning whether this is an act or totally legit. In my opinion, it’s totally the real deal here. These two are polar opposites and they can’t see eye to eye on anything. They can’t even agree to disagree. They both think they are right and won’t back down for anything.

Maher was very cold in a joke he made about the sexual assault of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan and well, I think that was really the erupting point for Hasselbeck.

One thing is for sure, they make for some great entertainment.. as long as you can look at it for the funny stuff and not take the topics seriously.

Check out these videos below:



So what’s your take? All fun and games? Is Maher out of line? Would you be offended too?

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