Justin Bieber Off The Hook, Mariah Yeater Drops Paternity Suit

Mariah Yeater is running away with her “tail” between her legs.  Her lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare have essentially quit and she has dropped her paternity suit against Justin Bieber.  I don’t think that there was ever really a question as to whether or not it was a legit case.  But the fact that Bieber came out swinging, agreed tot take the test, and added a counter suit, well, that taught the psycho a little lesson.

Justin Bieber CONFIRMS He’s Getting DNA Test and SUING Mariah Yeater

We can assume that Yeater thought that Bieber would just settle out of court since he’s loaded and to avoid the embarrassment.  Well, he wasn’t buying into that and stuck up for himself.  I actually hope that he continues his plan to sue her.  All the other crazies out there need to see that you can’t just get away with fabrications like that.  So not okay.

Congrats to Bieber though, that has to be somewhat of a relief.

Yeater…. get a life… oh and give up your baby for adoption.  Please.

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