NEW MUSIC: Dion Roy ‘Hey My Love’

It’s been too long, but my favorite east coast cutie, Dion Roy has finally unveiled (for me) his new single, Hey My Love.  The rest of you can buy it on iTunes Friday (November 18th).  Let me just say that this is the best of the best.  The sound, the rhythm… perfect.  It’s the lyrics that are going to sweep you away though.  What girl in God’s green earth doesn’t want a guy to sing these words to her?  Especially Dion Roy?!

Dion has a sound all of his own and like me, you will fall in love all over again when you hear Hey My Love for the first time.  If you’re new to Dion Roy, well, this is a great song to get started on… you will want everything else he’s got too!

I want to send out a big congrats to Dion for a job really well done.  Can’t wait to see you again… keep it up… we want more!

Keep up with Dion, find out where he will be performing next on Twitter and Facebook.   You can also check out Dion’s official site here.