Poll: Who’s Going Home on ‘X Factor’ Tonight? – Nov. 17th

After seeing the Top 10 perform on X Factor last night… to a supposed Straight ROCK theme, we are left wondering today, who will be sent home.  Going into it, I would have said that with the way things have been going for Paula’s groups, the final one left, Lakoda Rayne would be the front runner to get the boot tonight.  Well, after watching all of the performances last night, I have changed my mind.  Big time.

Stacy Francis was PAINFUL to watch.  And then to top it off, she had a bad attitude covered with a sour face after the song was thankfully over.  It was really, really bad.  If you missed any of the performances, you can check them out here.  If she doesn’t go home tonight, it’s going to be a serious injustice.  I haven’t like her all along and last night I feel was her funeral.  Crossing my fingers.

Okay, so I obviously just stated my opinion.  But who do you guys think will be gone?

Cast your vote below!

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