Hello LEGS! Kylie and Kendall Jenner Strut Their Stuff

Kendall (16) and Kylie Jenner (14) are back in the spotlight this week, perhaps trying to take the heat off of their big sis, Kim Kardashian for a minute by flashing their long libs for the launch of the Hello Kitty collection at Forever 21.  The girls modeled the new line and did it with style.

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A lot of the Kim haters love to bash on these girls.  They want to take the fame away from them because of how they go there.  But you know what?  These girls are stunning.  Kendall is going to have a huge modeling career and no amount of hate for Kim Kardashian is going to change that.  It actually makes me sad that they have to take the heat for their sister’s actions.  They are just kids, and I think the haters need to redirect their feelings elsewhere.  Leave them alone!

That being said, Kendall and Kylie are doing great.  Rock on girls!

Photo: WireImage