‘X Factor’: Astro Will Be Sent Home in Next Week’s DOUBLE Elimination on Nov. 23

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I know I am not alone when I say that Astro acted like a complete tool last night on The X Factor. He was an embarrassment. But wait. He’s had that cocky, bad attitude this entire journey. It just came to an all-time high (or low, depending on how you look at it) last night when he pitched a fit when he found himself int he bottom two.

I absolutely loved the fact that Simon Cowell called him out for it too. That little *bleep* needs to be sent home and be taught something called humility and respect. His parents have encouraged him to feel entitled and better that the rest of the world.

Ugh. I am still so disgusted with him.  You know it’s bad when the audience is booing you and CHEERING and chanting to KEEP Stacy Francis.  Epic fail.

Now for the good news.  A press release has revealed that next week during the results show that will be on Wdnesday rather thatn Thursday (it’s Thanksgiving) there will be a double elimination.  Too bad it wasn’t last night.  Stacy Francis and Astro should have BOTH been eliminated.  Oh well.  After that display Astro put on last night, he’s a goner.  He lost any bit of respect anyone had for him and there is no way he will survive.

You better believe that he will be in total damage control mode, trying to fix what he did, in efforts to save his pathetic butt from getting the boot.  Too late buddy.  Go home to momma and cry some more.  We don’t care. We know you’re talented, but you also have to be likeable.


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  1. Celeb Gurlz says

    Poor Stacey – she just never got it right – she listened to Nicole “Too Full Of Herself For Words” Scherzinger and her own instincts rather than Simon. Bad idea. Sure she tried to pin the blame on Nikki Nikki No-Talent for song choices in her waning moments of TV fame – but you know and I know she was a willing participant in the train wreck that was her time on X-Factor. So sad too because she potentially has great singing chops but it turns out she has ZERO artistry. As for Astro… well, he really demonstrated that he is “just a boy” as Beyonce would say. I agree he’ll get the axe 4 shore in the next go round.

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