Lady Gaga Sex Change Controversy Continues

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There are always words being said about Lady Gaga.  And by that, I mean strongly worded conversations.  Her following is almost scary.  Her fans are about as intense as they get.  So when the rumors about her having or not having a sex change come up, wow do the sparks fly.  These are rumors that have been coming and going forever now.  Well, her new video The Prelude Pathétique, which is the two minute preview of the full thing which will be followed by her video for Marry The Night is bringing those discussions to an all-time high.

Many seem to believe that Gaga is unveiling her sex change operation in the self-directed video.  I am sorry.  But that is insane.  I know Gaga is out of this world, living on her own planet… but why would she do something that drastic?  She seems to push the belief to love yourself as you are.  That you are perfect the way you are.  Why would she push such a huge change?

Check out the video below and see what you get out of it.


Okay…. what do you think? I am not over thinking it and it looks like another wacky video by Gaga. Nothing more. No hidden meanings. Drop your thoughts in the comments below….

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  1. ange says

    i dont belive it either at the end of the clip is shows the xray image screen ,whats on that ?perhaps that will tell u more.. there is more to the video than just the patient on the bed >>>>>>>:)

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