Vanessa Minnillo is Now Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa Minnillo has ditched her maiden name for her married name.  She is now Vanessa Lachey.  This isn’t very common in the celebrity world.  But her love for her husband, Nick Lachey is obviously a big deal.  She Tweeted:

“So…. I’m making it official, and I LOVE my “new name”! @VanessaLachey…. has a nice ring to it ;-)”

Yes.  That’s very cute.  But is there more behind it?

There are a lot of critics knocking her for changing the name.  Why is she doing it now?  Why didn’t she do this the day they were married back in July?  When Nick married Jessica Simpson, she certainly didn’t take his name.  Though she did have a much “bigger” name than Minnillo.

Is Vanessa trying to one-up Jess since she got pregnant first?  Vanessa wants to have something “over” Jessica?

How about no.  I can’t believe the conspiracies people come up with.  Maybe it just came to her one night that she’d like to change her name.  It’s not like she has a brand or something.  I say congrats!  Here’s to love !

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