Justin Bieber Waiting On Yeater’s Baby DNA Results

Like we reported yesterday, Justin Bieber submitted his paternity test on Friday.  Now he and his legal team are waiting for Mariah Yeater to submit the DNA test results from her baby.  Once that happens, the facts will clearly point out that Bieber is NOT the father of her baby and then he can move forward with his lawsuit.

Justin Bieber Paternity Test RESULTS

You know Yeater is going to drag her heels on turning them in though.  She doesn’t want to proof out there.  But, how can she avoid them either?  When is the law going to help Bieber out?  I am not a real fan or anything, I just think that it’s really messed up that someone could get away with this.  Yeater should have had to submit her “proof” up front before even being able to submit the lawsuit docs.

What do you guys think?

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