‘X Factor’ Astro Begs For Mercy – Too Little Too Late?

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As was expected, Astro has put in a last ditch effort via his Facebook page, hoping that will earn him some votes tomorrow night when he has to face the judges and America again after his pathetic tantrum he threw last week.

Here is what he had to say:

“What I do, I do for the love of Hip-Hop and my fans, and I would never doing anything to hurt either. But please try to understand where my head was last night. Muhammed Ali was hated by America when he didn’t enter the draft. What people didn’t know was that he would have entered if the recruiter would have addressed him by his new name. I believed I was being mistreated, and in the moment I thought about Ali’s moment. I want to be the new ambassador for Hip-Hop and a leader of a new young movement of positive kids, but to be that I must have Integrity and Honor first! People are saying I’m “cocky” and “arrogant”, well maybe I have watched too many Muhammed Ali films or maybe I grew up having to fight my way home everyday or battle on street corners of Brooklyn for respect. My guards are always up, and maybe I took the situation too heavy. I seriously apologize to my fans, what I said and my emotions weren’t directed toward you. I’m 15 and I think I know everything, but the truth is, I don’t, and I handled the situation wrong! Win or lose next week, I will make you all proud! “

Honestly?  All I hear are a bunch of excuses for his bad attitude.  It’s been there since day one.  Last week wasn’t the first time.  Astro thinks he’s entitled to the $5 million contract and he wants everyone’s respect along the way while he in turn DISrespects all of us.

Gag me.

I hope that this last effort falls on deaf ears.  Astro has got to GO.


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