Angelina Jolie Has An Eating Disorder? You Don’t Say!

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We’ve seen Angelina Jolie’s slim figure get scary skinny at times.  Like when her mother passed away.  That seemed like a natural thing more than anything.  It’s happens to a lot of people.  Why does she have to grieve differently? She doesn’t!

But right now, Jolie is not going through a grieving process.  Yet she’s looking like something out of a concentration camp anymore.  I am pretty sure you could snap her arms by simply flicking them.

Former employees are even coming forward saying her food requests are all kinds of crazy,

“Light soups that didn’t have a cream base, that became the constant request.”

Another insider said,

“Her daily diet varies.  Sometimes it will be just green tea and nuts. Other days, it will be red meat and red wine, and then, back to tea and some tiny portion of protein.”

And what was really crazy ( in my mind) is that she refuse to keep leftovers!  She insists they be thrown out.  Yeah, that’s a great example for your kids to follow.

Of course it’s easy to sit here and judge the celebs when the pack on or lose the pounds.  But you know what?  In Angelina Jolie’s case, she’s looking scary.  Like she needs an intervention.  And if there is even a bit of truth to these “reports” then someone who cares about her needs to take that girl out for a burger.

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