Dancing With The Stars 13 Results: WINNER is Crowned – DWTS Nov. 22 Finale

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It’s here!  The Dancing With The Stars season finale is tonight!  The winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy will soon be revealed!  Last night gave way to some great performances, the freestyles being the best of the best.  So who’s going home with all the marbles?

We will see the finalists dance again tonight.  We will be treated to the ‘faovrite’ dance for each pair once again.

Rob and Cheryl will be doing their foxtrot to “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra.  Ricki and Derek will be doing their Psycho Tango.  And then we will also see J.R. and Karina do their (first) jive to “Jump, Jive, and Wail” by Brian Setzer Orchestra.. I loved this one!

It will be a fun night…. filled with the anxious pins and needles, baited breath… who will win!?

If you want to catch up on last night’s performances, do that HERE.

Then come back and keep refreshing!  We will have the results, winner, and recap LIVE as it all goes down!

UPDATE: Lady Antebellum is kicking off the night! We Own The Night

Ricki and Derek did their tango – Scores: 30 – 1st

Rob and Cheryl did their foxtrot – Scores: 26 3rd

J.R. and Karina did their  jive – Scores:28 2nd

OMG!  Ricki and Derek got THIRD place!

Up next, Rob and J.R. go head to head for the Mirror Ball Trophy!!

J.R. is doing his samba now to Shake Your Bon Bon by Ricky Martin… up next Rob same dance.

Now reflecting on the whole journey……

LONG commercial break to torture us…

Carson Kressley doing Vogue….. loves!  But still want results!!!!!

More torture……

Now we get some Nancy Grace….still want results!!!!

How bout some Chaz and Lacey…. yeah they are dragging this out like it’s nobody’s business!

David Arquette is busting out his Grease……

More Lady Antebellum….

Hope and Maks are having another round on the dance floor.  Too bad all we want at this point is the WINNER. And they are not it.

They each did their final dances…. pretty good….  well great!  Both got perfect 30s!

Finally!  The Winners of Dancing WIth The Stars season 13 are J.R. and Karina!  Yay! SO DESERVING!

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