Twisted Sports: Will Brett Favre Sign With Chicago Bears to Fill in For Jay Cutler?

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Oh my word.  I think that this headline among the others is making true blue Chicago Bears fans throw up in their mouths a bit.  Well, that probably started when their QB, Jay Cutler broke his thumb and was essentially ruled out for the season.  The Bears have been on a role and Cutler in particular has been looking so much better than last season.  Talk about a momentum crusher.

So now the Bears are scrambling to find a QB.  They have to sign someone.  Who will it be?  There are all sorts of names being thrown around, but the only one that actually sticks out like a sore thumb…. no pun intended, is Brett Favre.  Yep.  How twisted would that be?  Brett Favre as a Chicago Bears quarterback?  Seeing him in a jersey… oh wow.  It doesn’t get any weirder than that.

There hasn’t been any indication that the Bears have even called Favre, but, it could happen.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I personally think it would make for great entertainment to see Favre enter Lambeau Field in a Bears jersey.

For now, we know that Caleb Hanie, the back up QB will be starting.  Yeah, that makes me cringe.  But who knows, maybe he will show up.  Let’s hope.  He did play in a couple games last season and well, it wasn’t something to write home about.

The bottom line. The Bears NEED a QB that can take them the rest of the way.  Can they make it to the playoffs? Well, we shall see.

Jay Cutler and Brett Favre share the same agent, Bus Cook.  Hmmm, that could lead to something.  We will keep you posted.

For now, drop your “vote” below and let’s see where it takes us.

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