POLL: Are You Back On ‘Team Astro’ After His ‘X Factor’ Apology Last Night?

Last night was a great night on The X Factor!  I loved it!  The theme was Giving Thanks.  each contestant dedicated their songs to someone who means the world to them, that they are thankful for.  Everyone chose meaningful people in their lives.


There was a bit of exception to Astro of course…. he dedicated his to all of his ‘Astronauts’ … his fans.  I took it as a huge brown-nosing attempt, trying to get votes.  The clip that they showed of him seeing all of that “support’ cracked me up.  Well of course you will get positive comments from your FANS on YOUR Twitter page.  But, if you look around the media and internet, off of your own page, you will see how pissed off people are with your crappy attitude.

Anyhow, I don’t know how tonight will turn out.  I think that Astro still deserves to go home.  It will be a double elimination.   He was due to leave last week.  I am very, very curious to see who it will be.

So yes, this is a poll post.  Are you on team Astro now?

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