Whoa! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel WEDDING NEWS?!

Well, they have been together off and on for about five years now.  Why shouldn’t there be a wedding on the way?  Well, we are talking about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel here.  He’s such a ladies man.  How could he taint that “image” with the old ball and chain image?

Well, sources are saying that since he is the one who cheated, causing their last breakup, she’s got all the power in the relationship.  He’s not into the marriage thing because he wants to put his career first, and being single helps him.  BUT, he’s really in love with her and would be willing to get married if she says it’s time.

Other rumors are saying that she is ready.  Biel wants the commitment and the wedding.

Hmmm…. we have seen them spending time with the parents and doing things on a bit more of serious level.  Could these “rumors” have any truth behind them?

Watch what the peeps at Us Weekly have to say: