‘X Factor’ LIVE Results Nov 23rd : DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Who Went Home? Top 7 Revealed

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Tonight is the huge, DOUBLE elimination on The X Factor.  The acts all sang songs of thankfulness that they dedicated to someone very special to them.  If you missed any of the touching performances, you can see them HERE.

Now tonight’s elimination will be sending TWO acts home.  Yeah, this is going to be a tough one.  I have made it quite clear that I want to see Astro leave the competition.  I am not resenting anyone else.  I think that Lakoda Rayne will be gone though.  Sad for Paula.  At least we know she won’t get the groups next season.

Before the acts are sent packing, we’ve got two phenomenal guest performances!  Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson!  I can hardly wait!

We will have the results up, LIVE as they happen here for you tonight.  So keep refreshing the page to stay up to date!

Who do you think will get the boot tonight?  If you haven’t already, “vote” HERE.

UPDATE: (scroll down for the results!)

Here is Kelly’s performance!


Here is all of contestants singing P!nk’s Raise Your Glass:


Lakoda Rayne was the first group eliminated with the LOWEST number of votes.

Now Marcus Canty and LeRoy Bell are in danger… whoa!!!  They will be singing for survival.

Marcus is first singing You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera.

Now it’s LeRoy singing, Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles.

Who’s going to get sent home?!

L.A. chooses, LeRoy (duh), Nicole chooses Marcus (duh), Paula chooses Marcus, and then Simon chose LeRoy!  It’s a deadlock!  America’s choice!  It’s LeRoy Bell!  Wow!  Astro… you are LUCKY.

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