CONFIRMED: Mindy McCready is Pregnant With TWINS

Oh lordy.  Earlier today we reported that Mindy McCready… yes, the very troubled one…. was missing with her son, Zander.  Well, they are not exactly missing.  She’s just trying to fight the custody agreement with the courts.

REPORT: Mindy McCready and Son Are MISSING

Anyhow, the latest, confirmed report is that she is pregnant with twins.  Her rep has confirmed this news. Oh my.  Yeah, like she needs to be having more kids.  This is like a bad dream for her parents I am sure.

There is no word on who the father is.  But man, he must have his own set of issues if you know what I mean.

Mindy is already five months along.

Wish I could say congrats……

Photo: Randi Radcliff/AdMedia

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