PHOTOS: Katy Perry and Russell Brand Get Tattoos Together… And Katy Works The Gun!

I love, love, love this!  There have been so many pathetic rumors going around that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting a divorce.  They are SO NOT getting one, I was unwilling to put those stories on this site!  Well, this story is well worth it.  The very happy, non-divorcing couple went out after one of Katy’s Los Angles concerts and got some new ink done, together.  FUN!

Katy Perry Set To Host Saturday Night Live

Katy got an adorable peppermint candy on her foot and Russell got a badge of West Ham United on his arm.  Then Katy proceeded to give Bang Bang a matching tattoo of the peppermint candy on his leg!  OMG!  How fab is that?  Katy is brave… so is Bang Bang!

Check out all the photos HERE.

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