HOT PHOTOS: Olivia Munn Strips Down, Talks Sex For FHM – Jan 2012

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Olivia Munn is the eye candy FHM is serving up for the January 2012 issue.  She’s a total knockout and well, we thank FHM for making such a glorious choice.  We know that Munn is very, very open about her thoughts on all things sex thanks to her book, Suck It Wonder Woman.  Anyhow, she opened up big time in her interview with the mag.

“When it comes to sex, I think anyone’s an idiot to say they’re an expert on it. I mean, I have sex, but it’s individual for each person.  You know, like, guys always have that one f***ing ‘move’, some stupid sh*t, like putting his thumb in your mouth. And it’s just like, “What are you doing? Who told you this was hot?”

So who’d she like to hook up with next?

“I’d love to date a comedian.  Stand-up comedians are really smart, brilliant people. To make someone genuinely laugh is a very hard task. If you have that ability, that means that you have empathy, you can feel things in life. And that’s a very attractive quality in somebody. Those guys are smart.”

Okay funny fellas, get your best jokes ready…. or maybe just enjoy the video and sexy pics below…..



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  1. Jack King says

    More BS teasing from Olivia Munn.

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