NEW MUG SHOT: Brooke Mueller Busted For Cocaine and Assault in Aspen

Good grief.  Great way to get into the holiday spirit.  Brooke Mueller has taken a nose dive off of the sober wagon once again.  Although, I really don’t think she ever took a seat on it.  More like one foot on, one foot off the whole time.  And then when she landed on the slippery slope that is Aspen (for her) she tumbled, hard.

Mueller has been arrested and is now sporting a fresh mug shot (below) after she was arrested for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault and felony cocaine possession.  She was released from the Pitkin County Jail this morning after posting $10,000 bond.

This is not going to end well for Brooke.  She’s got a record longer than Santa’s Naughty List.

In the end.  It’s her precious kiddos that suffer.  Heartbreaking really.

Please Charlie Sheen, stay clean and take care of the twins!

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