Rapist Jerry Sandusky: Joe Paterno Didn’t Ask Me Anything!

As if in a last ditch effort to get some of the heat off of himself, former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky is pointing fingers at Joe Paterno (also former coach.)  During an interview with the New York Times, Sandusky said,

“I never talked to him about either one. That’s all I can say. I mean, I don’t know.”

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So he’s now claiming that Paterno never questioned him about the alleged rapes of two separate victims, one in 1998 and one in 2002.

This douche still claims his innocence.  He’s facing 40 counts and possibly more.  He’s going down.  No doubt about it.  It is just so twisted that he still can’t admit to any wrong doing.  It’s sick.

And yeah, for the record.  I Believe him that Paterno didn’t say anything.  Not surprising at all.

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