Updated: Gorgeous Model Loses Hand, Suffers Severe Injuries From Plane Propeller – Photo, Video

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Lauren Scruggs is a gorgeous model and fashion blogger who just suffered one of the most terrifying accidents I can imagine.  On Saturday, when she exited a two-seater plane, she walked in front of the propeller and it struck the left side of her body and head.  She later lost her hand when the doctors had to amputate it.

The accident happened in McKinney, Texas and the FAA is of course investigating it.

The latest update reads:

“After exiting a propeller plane, an accident occurred where she walked into the front of the prop.  Struck on the left side of her body, Lauren’s hand, head, and shoulder area were hit.”

Then they gave an update on her surgeries:

“Lauren’s surgery went very well this morning.  She is now resting in ICU with the family. She is able to open her right eye to see while her left eye is still bandaged. Please continue to pray for the vision of her left eye, as we will not know the status of her sight for some time.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lauren during this trying time.

You can check out Lauren’s fashion blog lolo here.


UPDATE: Lauren has spoken!  That is great news!  She is recovering from her emergency surgeries and will be for quite some time.  We still need to pray for her left eye, that it will heal and she will regain her sight.  As far as how this accident happened, Lauren walked off the plane to thank the pilot and because it was dark, she didn’t see the propeller.  Horrible! We will keep you updated!

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