X Factor: Chris Rene Caught Doing Drugs? NO WAY!

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Okay, after last night’s amazing original song performance by Chris Rene, I am so sad and hugely disappointed to be posting this story.  If you were unaware, when the auditions began for The X Factor, Chris Rene was coming fresh out of rehab for abusing drugs.  When the judges chose him to go through, they made him promise to stay straight.  Did he fail?

Chris (allegedly) accidentally posted a message on his public timeline on his Twitter, rather than sending a direct message to a pal.

Check out the photo:

Was he hacked?  Was he kidding?  What does this mean?  Let me clear this up right now.  This Cocolito22 person does not exist.  Someone is pushing this screenshot around the internet, trying to ruin Chris Rene.  Guess what?  He’s been clean, he’s doing an amazing job.  And after last night, he’s proven that he is a real, unique artist who deserves to be in the competition.  So whoever is trying to wreck him, back off!


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  1. Oh Noes! says

    I follow Chris on twitter and this is fake and the name given to whom it was tweeted does not exist. So before all the haters start claiming Chris is using drugs, you should first try to find out the truth.


    1. Nikki Leigh says

      Um, did you read the post? Duh.

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