‘X Factor’ LIVE Results Dec 8th – Who Went Home? FINAL 4 REVEALED!

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Wow.  I am still on a happy “high” after watching The X Factor last night.  The top 5 were really, really good.  Tonight’s elimination will send home just one of them, but it’s going to be really tough.  Next week will be killer.  Ahhh!

If you missed any of the performances, you can see all of them HERE.

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Tonight we will enjoy guest performances by Mary J. Blige and Lenny Kravitz!  Yeah, BOTH of them in one night!  Now that’s HOT!

Who do you think will be sent home?  My money is on Marcus Canty.  My second choice would be Rachel Crow.  She’s going to have a huge Disney career and will be fine if she leaves early.  If you haven’t placed your “guess vote” you can do that here not and see what the poll is showing before the elimination happens.

We will have the results for you with the recap LIVE as it happens at 8 PM/ET… so keep refreshing the page for the latest!


First ones safe…. Josh and Chris!  Woo hoo!  GOOD news!  I knew Chris saved himself with that song!

Mary J. Blige is up now… singing Need Someone….and um, it’s terrible.  Not sure why… but she’s sound OFF key big time.  What’s happening?

Currently, Rachel, Melanie, and Marcus are sweating it.  Big time.

Okay… Melanie is safe… not that we are at all surprised.  So now, it’s going to be Marcus (once again) and Rachel singing for their survival.

Marcus sang his survival song first and it’s a repeat… whaaa?? ‘I’m Going Down‘….. blahhhhh

Rachel chose, I’d Rather go blind and she blew everyone away!  AMAZING! Watch her performance HERE.

After that, there is no way in God’s green earth that Rachel is not safe.  Maarcus will be going home.  Hands down.

L.A. sends home Rachel, Paula sends Marcus, Nicole sends Rachel, Simon sends Marcus.  It’s a deadlock.  Time to go to the fan votes.  We know how this will end.

OR NOT!!  Rachel was sent home by America’s votes!  WOW!!!!!!


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