Mariah Carey Shows Her Support of X Factor’s Melanie Amaro

Mariah Carey just made The X Factor’s Melanie Amaro’s dreams comes true!  How?  She Tweeted her… TWICE!  And she is clearly showing the world who’s corner she’s in as the competition is getting close to the end with only four acts left!

Just a few minutes ago, Mariah Tweeted:

“@ItsMelanieAmaro Dear Melanie, you should be very proud of yourself and the beautiful gift you’ve been given.”

“@ItsMelanieAmaro Thank you so much for your incredibly kind and humbling words. Never give up, never let go, no matter what. xo, MC.”

Then Melanie Tweeted:

“Omg God is good!!! @MariahCarey just tweeted me im literally crying, she is my role model and one of the people who inspire me to sing :-)”

Well Melanie, it’s true.  You deserve all the success in the world.  You are an inspiration!

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