RESULTS: ‘The Biggest Loser’ Season 12 WINNER is Crowned

Tonight is the BIG night! It’s the season finale of The Biggest Loser!  The final three ‘losers’ are battling out for the season 12 title.  SO who made it to the end?  They are an ex-NFL player Antone Davis, special ed teacher John Rhode and tattoo artist Ramon Medeiros.  These guys came from different walks in life, but are here for the same purpose.  To gett their lives back.  To be healthy and have a bright rather than daunting future before them.

So who worked the hardest and got the biggest results?  Soon we will find out during the LIVE finale.

We will have the results for you LIVE as the show is broadcast at 9/8c.  So keep refreshing the page for the results!!!

UPDATE: This is a two hour finale… so the results are taking a long time to get here! Keep refreshing!

Jennifer Rumple won the $100k home prize and then John won the $250k and the Biggest Loser title!  CONGRATS!


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