Oh My! Howard Stern is Going to Stir Up ‘America’s Got Talent’

This has been in the works for some time now, but it’s official.  Howard Stern is heading to America’s Got Talent to replace Piers Morgan as a judge.  Rather….. AGT is heading to Stern.  Yeah, the Los Angeles based show is going to move to the east coast and set up in NYC for Stern so he doesn’t have to make any changes in his schedule or life.  Man!  NBC really, really wanted this guy.

NBC exec Paul Telegdy said,

“Howard Stern’s larger-than-life personality will bring a thrilling new dynamic to America’s Got Talent starting this summer.  He’s a proven innovator and his track record in broadcasting is truly remarkable. Howard is very passionate about this show and is fully committed to its future success.”

I am wondering if the Stern fans that will now be newcomers to watching the show will outnumber the amount that will no longer watch the show because of him?  Stern is a very dirty character to be putting on a “family” show.  This should be very interesting.


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