‘X Factor’ LIVE Results – Dec 15th – Who Went Home? FINAL 3 Revealed!

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Tonight is it.  The final three will be revealed on The X Factor.  Only one act will be sent away tonight.  There will be no judges vote, there will be no bottom two.  Quite simply, the person with the lowest number of votes is going home, without the chance to sing for survival.  It’s over and OUT.

We will be getting two performances before the verdict comes in.  One from Nicole Scherzinger…. it should be interesting.  And then one by Florence + The Machine.  I can’t wait for that one!

If you missed any of last night’s performances, you HAVE to watch them HERE Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro were unbelievable!  I was blown away!  Yes, I was crying.

We will have the results and recap for you here LIVE.  So, keep refreshing the page to find out who got the boot.  And for the record, it BETTER be Marcus Canty.

While you’re waiting for the results, you can vote at our poll HERE for who you think will go home tonight.


Let’s see… so far we’ve got the fab Florence + the Machine…… a kiss from Paula right on Chris Rene’s lips…… It’s a fun night so far! Ha!

Chris and Melanie are the first into the finals! Yay!  Like that’s a surprise, right?

Nicole is doing her song, Pretty now…. I am not in love…. we will leave it at that.

As expected, Marcus is OUT, Josh is IN.  Woo hoo! Bout time!  Congrats Josh!  All the way baby!

Here’s tonight’s opening act:

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