MLB: Ryan Braun Isn’t Dirty Afterall

I think that faith in the name of MLB may have been restored a bit today.  After hearing about National League MVP, Ryan Braun of the Brewer’s dirty drug test, my heart sank once again.  I was totally let down that yet another “hero” in professional sports had let down the fans, the organization, and the name of the game completely.  Sure, he may not be your hero, but he is definitely the hero to many kids.  When you’re in that position in life, it’s part of your job to do it right.

Anyhow, the failed test was not a result of something that Braun did wrong.  He is taking some meds for a personal, medical issue that was prescribed to him.  Whatever is in the meds set off the dirty drug test.  A source close to the situation told TMZ,

 “The medication contained banned substances resulting in the positive test.”

So, you see.  Braun is still an “innocent” man and won’t have an asterisk by his name.  Thank goodness.

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