Sinead O’Connor TMI Overload: Not Getting a Divorce Now

Oh Sinead O’Connor…. can you please realize there is a thing called privacy?  You have a right to it and therefore don’t have to share every detail of your “crazy” life with the world.  Twitter is an outlet, but… come on!

The troubled singer and her wacko “marriage” to Barry Herridge is now not ending in divorce.  Not today anyhow.  She shared TMI on her Twitter saying,

“Spent a beautiful evening of love making with none other than my husband.  We decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again and stay married, but we did rush [into tying the knot].”

The rambling went on, and on, and on.  You can read it all here, if you feel the need.
All I can say is best of luck…. you’re going to need it!
Photo: INF

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