Christina Aguilera: This Is The New Me

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Christina Aguilera is gracing the cover of the February issue of Marie Claire and she is rocking her new curves like no other.  The poor thing has been through so much as far as the critics go when it comes to her weight.  It’s gone up and down and she’s taken so much heat over the years.  Well it all stops now.  She’s loving her body as is and she’s happy.  Everyone else can suck it.

“I’ve been through my highs, I’ve been through my lows; I’ve been through the gamut of all things in this business.  Being too thin. Being bigger. I’ve been criticized for being on both sides of the scale. It’s noise I block out automatically. I love my body. My boyfriend loves my body. My son is healthy and happy, so that’s all that matters to me.  When I worked on Burlesque, I lost so much weight that I was too skinny.  I don’t weigh myself – it’s all about how I feel in my clothes.  I happen to be very confident in my own skin. It takes time to get to that place, but it’s all about embracing yourself and your body.”

I love it.  Thank you Christina.  You are an inspiration and I hope that all the girls out there with body image issues are listening.  You are gorgeous! Can’t wait to watch her on the new season of The Voice!

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