It’s a Ryan Seacrest Empire

I really didn’t think that Ryan Seacrest could wear another hat.  The guy has about a million already!  Well he’s adding to his resume/collection and apparently doesn’t need sleep because he certainly won’t have time for that once this is underway.  He’s teaming up with Mark Cuban!

So what is he up to?  Oh just launching a cable network.  He gave this statement:

“We’ve been diligently working with our partners AEG and CAA to strategize and explore how we could deliver quality live entertainment and lifestyle programming to a large audience.  HDNet is the perfect partner to help us translate our vision into a reality, giving us an instant reach into 35 million homes when we rebrand the channel and launch AXS TV.”

So what do you guys think?  Too much?  Should he be slowing down or are you thinking, why not?  He’s already swimming in the cash…. why not add to it?  Is he turning into a male version of Oprah or something?

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