Miley Cyrus Really Wants To Be Skinny

Miley Cyrus is always under a microscope.  Sure, she chooses to be in the spotlight, but no girl/woman likes to have her weight under speculation and criticism all the time.  It hurts and it’s an awful pressure.  But fortunately for Miley, she’s got the bucks to take care of her weight issues for her.  (Not that I think she’s ever been chunky.)

Word has it that Miley coughed up about $50,000 to lose 15 pounds in a few short weeks.  What did that price cover?  A personal trainer and chef.  Yep.  That is what we all wish we had.  At least I wish I had the chef.  If I could have that kind of cooking, I’d look amazing and spend less time on the treadmill.

What do you guys think?  Was it necessary for her to do all that?

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