The X Factor Cleans House…. Who Are The Replacements?

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The X Factor just did some serious house cleaning… and I am feeling let down.  Why?  Who was fired?  Well, our cutie pie host, Steve Jones was the first to go.  Can’t say that one surprised me though.  Nicole Scherzinger was next and I actually did a little happy dance.  I couldn’t handle another season of watching her cry and be overly emotional every time she opened her mouth.  Then the last was Paula Abdul.  That one shocked me a bit.  I pretty much can’t believe that Simon Cowell already let her go.  Her nutty banter is completely entertaining and her wacky chemistry and battles with Simon are nothing short of fun to watch.  Why didn’t they fire L.A. Reid?!  I can’t stand him!  He’s beyond ridiculous and his personality makes me gag.  Grrrr…..

So now, the big, big… HUGE question is who will replace all 3 of them?  This is going to be so important.  Like they will have to pick people that will guarantee to bring the best show next season.  You can’t just keep switching them out… the show will never grow and your viewing audience will be anything but loyal if you keep changing things.

It’s time to drop your thoughts and suggestions for replacements in the comments below……. I can’t wait to hear them!

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