PICS: Adele is Gorgeous For Vogue – March 2012

Currently my favorite voice, Adele is to gorgeous face covering the new issue of Vogue.  The Grammy sweeping songstress gave a wonderful interview to delight fans even further, mixed with the gorgeous photos.  Well done Vogue!

Here is my favorite quote from the interview:

“I am quite loud and bolshie,” she says (British slang for unruly and clamorous). “I’m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.” Indeed. There is no doubt when Adele is in the building. The rule of thumb for protecting one’s vocal cords, she tells me, is: If people are more than an arm’s length away, you shouldn’t talk to them. “But I am like, Wah! Wah! Wah!,” she says, laughing. “It’s really bad.”

Check out the full gallery of photos here.

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