Kim Kardashian is Bragging

Kim Kardashian is trying to shed some positive light on her and her family in the midst of all the ugly headlines that are popping up daily.  Yeah, her ex, Kris Humphries isn’t slowing down in his attack on Kim and the whole fake marriage claim.  Blah, blah….

Anyhow, Kim is posting all of the places she and her sisters are trending on her blog saying,

“‘Kiss My Kardashian Ass’ was a trending topic last week! LOL! I always see the funniest and sweetest trending topics on Twitter and just wanted to thank you guys for always supporting us! It’s honestly mind-blowing to think there are so many of you out there supporting us and we are all so thankful! Love you! Xo”

Trending topics aren’t necessarily love filled, right?  This is my morning humor…. I think I will laugh at it all weekend.  See the rest of her “bragging” HERE.

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