The Bachelor: Courtney Robertson Sex Tape Worth $1 Million – Vivid Entertainment

Gag me.  One of my least favorite ladies from any season of The Bachelor, Courtney Robertson is giving me more reasons to detest her.  This girl has a few screws loose and well, I can’t understand what Ben Flajnik sees in her… oh wait… that’s right.  He loves the way she’s always getting naked, in front of him.  Ben is attracted to skanks.  Right.

Well, Courtney apparently made a sex tape with her boyfriend before going on the show and now Vivid Entertainment wants it.  Head honcho, Steven Hirsch said,

“There is no doubt that Courtney is the hottest girl on [the show].  We would definitely like to buy an existing tape, or if she prefers, produce one with her.  This tape could definitely be worth as much as $1 million.”

Should this really surprise us?  Do you think she will sell it or make one with Vivid?  My first instinct says no.  But then again, this girls is seriously nuts.


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