First Look At Bella And Edward In Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

First Look At Bella And Edward In Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

A treat for Twilight fans. The first official picture from the next movie has been released. It’s Bella and Edward in a scene from November’s  Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. The photo was released on the Twilight Twitter page yesterday. It shows  Robert Pattinson getting up close to Kristen Stewart.

The first teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is just ten days away. That’s right – ten days! It will hit Facebook and Twitter on March 20. That’ll be a big day for Twi-hards! Then it’s only a couple of days ’til we see the full trailer. It will screen before The Hunger Games. A good reason to see the new franchise which is being likened to Twilight – because you also get a glimpse of our favorite vampires as well.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the final movie in the series. Well it is for the moment. Author Stephenie Meyer hasn’t ruled out another book but that could be a couple of years away. Money talks! There are also rumors regarding  a Twilight TV series down the track. But don’t expect to see Pattinson and Stewart in that. Unless of course their careers take a major nosedive after this last film.

Twilight has earned megabucks. It’s a phenomenon. Movie execs expect huge things from Breaking Dawn Part 2. It’s tipped to break all kinds of box office records – most set by other films in the Twilight series. Advance screenings and opening weekend figures should be off the charts. Producers are looking at it making $700 million worldwide.  Not bad for a vampire movie.

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