Snooki Wants To Give Birth While Pauly D DJ’s

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Snooki Wants To Give Birth To While Pauly D DJ’s

Snooki might earn a citation for child abuse if she gets her wish to have her ‘Jersey Shore’ co-star Pauly D DJ while she gives birth.  Snooki is pregnant with her first baby with partner Jionni LaValle has asked Pauly D if he would be willing to spin some tunes in the delivery room.  Thankfully he says that he does not plan to take her up on the offer.

Pauly D said:   “She told me she wants me to DJ the delivery room. I told her I’ll just DJ the baby shower.”

Despite turning down her request, Pauly does already have plans for what he will get her new tot when they are born.

He continued:  “I think it’s ready for hair gel as soon as it comes out. If there is hair, throw some gel in there. Too young to tan though. Don’t tan. You gotta be 18. Maybe a spray tan.”

Planning the baby shower for Snooki is a little easier, and he thinks it simply needs to be a room filled with pickles and loud music.

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Pauly told People Mag:  “I would have spray tan booths in the corner, because she loves to tan, and a lot of loud music. I’d have pickles everywhere too.”

Is Snooki really going to have a baby?  This is somewhat disturbing and distressing.  What are Snooki’s values?  Would she understand the question.

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