Trouble And Cosmetic Surgery Sneak Up On Lindsay Lohan

Trouble And Cosmetic Surgery Sneak Up On Lindsay Lohan

That Lindsay Lohan just cannot seem to get a break. What is this I’m hearing about an altercation with her car? She’s out leaving Sayers Club the other night and she’s driving her new car (a Porsche of course). Well the press was there as well and they blocked her car in front of a hookah lounge, I’m guessing it must have been in the same plaza.

They (the press) must have been causing a ruckus because the manager of the said lounge came outside. Ms. Lohan just left the scene. Now apparently her car brushed the hookah lounge’s manager (there you go, he should have stayed inside, and that’s what you get for being nosey).

Go To TMZ And Check Out The Hit And Run Details Click Here

It’s said that Lindsay called the police herself to report the incident, she probably was afraid it would be reported as a hit and run. The police went and did an investigation and found no injuries on anyone and closed the case. Whew! Let’s just hope it stays closed. We certainly don’t need her going back to court again and have it televised, (interrupting our good shows, sike! Just joking).

Now you know with all the talk going around about her face and the little touch ups she’s had done, (which I think she did not need at all), one would think she would go out take care of her business meetings and then go home. I know that’s hard to ask of a 25 year old, but she’s been through a lot, just calm down.  Stay in for a while we’ll all miss you.

I also want to give her a little congrat’s too, Lindsay is almost done with her probation.  I also want to give a good shout out to the judge who handled Lindsay’s case. I think everyone that gets a DUI should serve their probation in a morgue, just so they can see that drunk driving kills.

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