Katy Perry Is So Hot For New Dude!

Katy Perry Is So Hot For New Dude!

Katy Perry might have got herself a willing victim in the French model Baptiste Giabiconi (pictured above).  Now that man has quite a name and it contrasts poorly with the simple American moniker ‘Katy Perry.’ Katy Perry is actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and she has been flirting up a storm with Giabiconi.  The two were spotted acting hot and heavy as they LEFT a Paris Hotel…

A source told The Sun newspaper:

“They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love.”

”He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty. There was a lot of whispering, shared jokes and they were really flirting.”

”They made a very good-looking couple.

In a January 2011 interview with Dansk magazine, Baptiste professed his love for Katy.

The stud said at the time:

“I like what she radiates. She has spirit and she doesn’t come across forced. And I also think she’s hot. If I could make her divorce her husband, I’d marry her.”

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