Scarlett Johansson Wants To Get Down


Scarlett Johansson says she likes to get “down and dirty” in her work but not by having her cell phone hacked. Scarlett prefers to limit her naked exposures to those she chooses to make, not to have them wrested from her cell phone by a hacker.

ScarJo plays zookeeper Kelly Foster alongside Matt Damon in the new movie ‘We Bought A Zoo ‘and admitted she is “up for every kind of challenge” and likes to get stuck in when she takes on a new role.

Scarlett said: “I think I’m up for every kind of challenge and I like to get down and dirty, yes. I really liked that aspect of Kelly, that she is a no-frills kind of girl, very grounded and practical, with that salt of the earth quality. That’s the body language I created for her too; she’s comfortable in her body and in her stance.”

Several celebs, such as Olivia Munn and Heather Morris have recently had their nude photos scattered all over the Internet due to hacking scandals

Scarlett loves getting undressed for the camera – but you only get to see the photos if she gets paid!

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