Report: Bruce Jenner Leaves Kim Kardashian’s Momanager Kris Jenner

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Report: Bruce Jenner Leaves Kim Kardashian’s Momanager Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner has left his wife, Kris Jenner, over fears that Kris is turning their youngest daughters into ‘Kardashian Robots.’  Bruce packed his bags and stormed out after a fearsome row with Kris triggered by a photo shoot for ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Kris arranged for daughters Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14, to portray the creepy twins from ‘The Shining’ and Bruce simply lost it.

An insider explains in The Enquirer Print Edition, March 26:  “Kris was crying hysterically when she finally got Bruce on his cell phone. She sobbed that she was sorry for everything and that if he came back, they could get their marriage back on track.”

“But Bruce is fed up with his wife’s cold, bloodless ambition for the children.  He was so angry he wouldn’t even tell her where he was.  Bruce returned two days later but the strife is far for over.  Bruce told her ambition is in her blood like a disease.”

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Bruce doesn’t want his daughters turning out like their half-sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney – who he considers to be ‘hypersexualized reality starlets.’  Can you blame him?

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  1. Sheri says

    Good for Bruce !! It is about time he put his foot down. These 2 young girls Kendall and Kaylie are running around in outfits that are way too mature for them and Kris seems like as long as they make good money then they can show there bodies as long as it is a paycheck.
    I would not want my 2 girls growing up to be Kim,Khloe,Kourtney…It always seemed like Bruce was a spineless puppy who just let Kris do whatever she wanted, I am glad he finally stood up..WAY TO GO BRUCE..

  2. Guest says

    The guy has no balls. She had him castrated a long time ago.

  3. Susan says

    Those 2 girls are real LUCKY to have Bruce .He obviously loves them & wants the best for them. He’s a great role model & Kendall & Kylie seem like great kids. Kris Jenner on the other hand is a self-absorbed Greedy B—H! She needs to act her age . SHE’S NOT YOUNG ANYMORE.& all that plastic surgery DOESN’T cover up the UGLINESS inside. She needs to be a MOTHER & ACT LIKE A MOTHER!!! We need more fathers like BRUCE & I hope he KICKS KRIS’S ASS TO THE CURB !!!

  4. shakira Taylor says

    The pimp mom has turned the other hoes into hoes and is doing it with the young ones.,.,.,,how about the boy toy son….can she pimp him?????????

  5. Brian says

    Hey Bruce, now that you’ve put you foot down, start putting your foot in Kris’s butt and in Scott Disick’s butt as an added bonus! If I were you, I would grab Kendall and Kylie and run as far away from that money hungry B—–H as possible! Or better yet, stay in the house and KICK KRIS TO THE CURB ASAP!

  6. malika says

    Actually whose house is the house where the Jenners are living in? Bruce or Kris or they bought it together? If it belongs to Bruce then kick Kris out. If it’s Kris’ Bruce can leave that house and bring the two young ones with him. If they bought together then sell it and share the money and buy another house. Kris has no respect to her husband. She is so selfish and so money hungry. I can’t believe it.

  7. Lisa says

    WAY TO GO, BRUCE!!! It’s about TIME you wisened up!!!!

  8. Cathy Viviano says

    Bruce you did an awesome job leaving Kris!! Praise the Lord

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