Britney Spears Is Now Legally Free To Marry

Britney Spears Is Now Legally Free To Marry

Britney Spears does live performance world tours but is still under legal conservatorship – obviously a scam – however Judge Reva Goetz has granted her the right to marry and possibly have more children.  Let me ask you – how can Britney be granted the right to marry and yet remain under the absolute rule of her father, Jamie Spears?  Obviously it is another typical example of unjust celebrity justice – allowing the unstable Britney to avoid facing the multiple law suits against her.

Britney has been under conservatorship for 4 years and it is about time the law stop affording her special privileges.

TMZ has the exclusive Britney Spears met with Judge Reva Goetz today in her conservatorship case, just so the judge could see for herself how Britney was doing … and we’re told the judge was impressed.

The meeting was routine — a status hearing marking the belated 4-year anniversary of the conservatorship. Britney has had these meetings before, and this one was short — around 5 minutes in the judge’s chambers.

The judge is getting to know Britney so well … maybe she’ll send a wedding gift.

What do you think?  Does Britney need to be treated like a disturbed child?  If she does, then how can she possibly possess the mental competence to marry.

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